the story

I’ve been told quite often that my visual fixations go all the way back to childhood: I put fireflies in jars expecting a bedroom night light, climbed trees and rooftops to see “just how big does the sky get?!” And although MTV was my first “real job” — my actual real job was that of a Museum Tour Guide while I was at University.

I started VJing in 2007 when co-producing Chemistry which attracted up to 500 people every Saturday. Eventually we got to be part of events hosting Bexta (Australia), Deepsky and Tiesto – Elements of Life Tour. After several consecutive no-shows by the club’s Resident VJ, I got behind the mixer and said something to the effect of “I used to work for MTV once upon a time, show me the buttons.” That little flirtation with VJing led to a full-on visual obsession and now almost everything I see elicits a sighing “Hey, it’s a Visual!”.

I create it, mix it, dream it. I sometimes even sees in RGB. Now that I am doing projection mapping, every insane piece of art and uneven architecture is a potential surface also.

It’s a good problem to have.