artist bio

Kristina aka. VJ BABY K
(known to friends as simply “K”)

Vj Baby K is the visuals half of a dj/vj live act called ‘Alternate Reality’…Both Pan and K appear in solo sets under their regular names- but as an audio/visual psy project are known as Alternate Reality.

Kristina started VJing in 2007 when co-producing Chemistry which attracted up to 500 people every Saturday.  After several consecutive no-shows of the Club’s Resident VJ, Kristina got behind the mixer and said something to the effect of “I used to work for MTV once upon a time, show me the buttons.” That little flirtation with VJing led to a full-on visual obsession and now almost everything Kristina looks at elicits a sighing “Hey, it’s a Visual!”.  She creates it, mixes it, dreams it.  She sometimes even sees in RGB.

Upon moving to the UK, Kristina made a name for herself VJing for events like Antiworld in the Fridge, Torture Garden, and various psytrance warehouse parties and festivals.  Inside 2 years she found herself doing live visual sets for some of the Artists whose CDs were part of her first collection when she first found Psytrance: Talamasca, Astrix, Logic Bomb, Perplex, and Mr. Peculiar. She also feels very fortunate to have done visuals for Laughing Buddha, Pan, Oood, Tristan, Reality Grid, Avalon and more.

Click here to see K’s favourite alternate reality:

VJ Baby K has played for festivals throughout Europe and raves in America.  A stickler for details, she always puts the extra effort in to make sure things are exactly right. Just like a DJ should build a wicked journey, K’s unique blend of visuals add an ambience which is often unparalleled.

Inspired by everything from Dr. Seuss to Dali and everything in between, K’s visuals vary between psychedelic and sublime. She will often communicate with the DJ or Artist to design a vision that incorporates their favourite colours or mood of music.  When the music moves her, she is often happy to keep on playing well past expectation, without resorting to loops but always with live mixing.  Although psytrance is Kristina’s first love, she has also played at club trance and house events in Cable London, Corporate Events, Torture Garden and Short and Sweet Film Festivals.

Her visuals are never one-dimensional and she is not reliant on loads of technology.  Software aside, the resulting visual mixes are like snowflakes, no 2 sets are totally the same. Her visuals are simple yet intricate with its layers and layers of beautiful moving images, just like a well-produced trance track.

Email for collaborations and bookings.